District Attorney Jill Ravitch celebrates victory with supporters after trouncing a recall effort
photo credit: (Credit: Marc Albert/KRCB)
About 60 local politicos and supporters of Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch gathered at Teamsters Hall in Santa Rosa Tuesday night. But any fears of a nail-biter among attendees were swept away with the first results.
Within minutes of the polls closing, the crowd, already buoyant with excitement, erupted into cheers.
With displays of campaign pins and union memorabilia festooning the walls, Ravitch worked the room, giving one hug after another. At moments, she was teary-eyed, despite a insurmountable lead turning the recall effort into a rout.
"I want to thank all the voters in Sonoma County who saw through this absolute fraud. I mean, what was going on was just one man's tantrum. And I'm so glad that people saw the truth, and that they voted no on the recall, and I'm looking forward to continuing to serve for the balance of my term."
With the recall effort entirely funded by developer Bill Gallaher, Ravitch's campaign sought to frame the election as a vendetta by a wealthy man held to account for misdeeds. The strategy appeared to work.
Ravitch said she hopes Gallaher does some personal reflection.
"I hope when he looks in the mirror he sees what I saw, which is somebody who should be ashamed of themselves. Hopefully, he'll get the message that this is not what Sonoma County believes is appropriate and maybe he'll take his tirades and go somewhere else."
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