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Town Manager Ken MacNab
photo credit: (Credit: Town of Windsor)
With Windsor still reacting to the potential return of former mayor Dominic Foppoli, more turnover is coming to town hall. City Manager Ken MacNab has announced his resignation, effective the end of the year.
MacNab, 55, declined to return an email or phone call requesting an interview. However, in an email sent to town employees, quoted by the Press Democrat, MacNab says work-life balance, family and health drove the decision.
Mayor Sam Salmon said he had no forewarning and was taken by surprise.
"Ken's resignation was about how he wants to proceed in his life with his family. He's obviously very dedicated to his family."
Salmon noted the town went through a similar period of staff churn before MacNab was hired, and that any disruption will be minor. "We're not at the stage to start throwing 'hail Mary's,' in the football term. You understand what I'm saying? No. The manager is managing the department heads, and also, taking the policy decisions of the council and communicating those to the department heads. Ken will be here to do that, and if and when he leaves and we don't have a replacement, we'll find someone who's able to do that on an interim basis."
MacNab had no deputy.
As to whether a replacement would be chosen locally, or through a formal recruiting process, Salmon replied, "That will be up to the council to decide how they want to proceed. I've pretty much always have been desirous of a recruitment process"
Salmon, who considers himself a consensus builder, asked the public for patience. "We have a wonderful staff, and we have a wonderful town. This is something we'll just work through"
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