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County officials reported nine additional deaths on Thursday, making August the deadliest month since last Winter's surge.

There have been a total of 30 COVID-related deaths in August, just behind last February when 31 COVID deaths were reported. The peak of the surge was last January when 68 people died from COVID complications, according to county officials.

 Of the nine deaths reported this week, six were unvaccinated, according to county data. Officials reported that the three that were vaccinated had underlying health conditions and two were over 70 years old. Of the unvaccinated fatalities, two were unhoused and between the ages of 50 and 64.

County epidemiologist Kate Peck says age is a theme among unvaccinated COVID hospitalizations and fatalities.

“Those who are fully vaccinated and hospitalized tend to be older and/or have serious underlying conditions or are immunocompromised,” Peck said. “The unvaccinated deaths are trending younger than the fully vaccinated deaths.”

Yesterday Sonoma County's Sheriff department reported Correctional Lieutenant Bobby Travelstead died from complications due to COVID.

With these new deaths, the county's total death toll is 366. Officials say over 96 percent of these deaths have been among unvaccinated residents.  Because of data lags, more deaths for August could be reported in upcoming days. 

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