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Resigned from office after alleged sex offenses, former Windsor mayor Dominic Foppoli filed initial papers for another run at the office, though there seems little enthusiasm among local residents.
Despite the fact that none of the salacious allegations have been proven, it was hard to find positive words about the once, and possibly future, mayor among those gathering ahead of an afternoon town square concert.
"I'm surprised he has the nerve to do it, it's a bold statement on his part considering all the bad publicity he's gotten both on his personal side and on the city of Windsor. Lot's of effort put into getting him out of office, so it seems inappropriate," said Windsor resident Jana Churich, who, like Foppoli, is involved in the wine business.
Foppoli's silence--a call to him was not returned--has spawned speculation about his motivations.
According to legal experts, candidates in California enjoy no special legal status, though it does convey access to voter information. But, it can help with cash-flow, according to Oakland-based attorney Stuart Flashman. "Once you file for candidacy you can set up an exploratory or an actual committee and raise funds, and you can also transfer funds, although I think we would have been able to transfer funds from his prior campaign, even without starting a new campaign."
Flashman, who cautioned that he was speculating, said there could be other factors. "He may just feel that being a candidate and running a campaign may be the best way to clear his name. To put out everything that he thinks favors him, and that's certainly a strategy that people use."
Windsor resident Neil Smart says allegations about Foppoli's private life wipe away his public achievements.
"Very disgusted, appalled that he'd come back and do it. I'm sure whatever his motives are, there's something alternative to the whole reason he's doing this, I can't figure out, I don't know why and nobody else seems does, but he really shouldn't be running again."
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