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Sonoma County, along with six other Bay Area counties, has gone back to recommending all people, vaccinated or not, wear masks indoors because of the highly transmissible delta variant. Sonoma County COVID-19 hospitalizations have more than doubled since spring. But since restrictions eased with the statewide June 15 reopening, residents are back to making their own decisions about masks.

“It's totally normal now for me, like I go everywhere now with my mask just in case and I still wear it indoors,” said Petaluma resident and Jupiter food employee Connor Tamblyn. “And my wife's pregnant so we just are kind of keeping a protective bubble around her.”

“Although I'm fully vaccinated I continue to wear my mask anywhere I'm outside.” said Copperfield’s Books manager Ray Lawrason. “If I'm not in my home with my family pod, I have my mask because I want to be considerate, not just of the people that I care for also complete strangers that may be affected by this.”

“I've been wearing my mask throughout even though I'm vaccinated, it feel normal to me now and I have an unvaccinated child,” said Petaluma resident Jennifer Lee. 

Others, like Santa Rosa High teacher Matt Samet, feel more safe to take their masks off now that they're vaccinated.

“Obviously, if I'm flying anywhere or doing public transportation I'll wear a mask,” Samet said. “I'm a teacher so in the classroom we have to wear masks, but for the last three weeks or so I haven't been putting a mask in my pocket when I leave the house to go to errands.”

And one teen told KRCB he understood it before people were vaccinated but doesn't want a mask mandate to be reinstated now.

“I feel like it's just encroaching on our rights for them just to slap it back on us just because they can,” he said. “If there's science that backs it, I could understand that. But I would need to see that before I just hop back onto it.”


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