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nurse 4962034 640So far, over half a million vaccine doses have been administered throughout the county, and local vaccine clinics have given out about a fifth of those doses.  Because of that progress, most clinics will close down by the end of June and shift their focus on going out in the community to give people shots that need one.

"we are a guest in a community, what events that are the community already participating in, that we could also participate in," Dr. Jason Cunningham, Chief Executive Officer at West County Health, said.

Cunningham said community health workers are figuring out where people want vaccine popups and might show up at churches, schools and encampments. The hope is that going to places where residents are already gathering, will help get more people shots. He says there will also be a bigger focus on helping people sign up for shots and figuring out why people are hesitant in the first place.

"Why is it that they're not interested in the vaccine yet or not quite ready to make that connection? That's more of an education and outreach campaign," Cunningham said.

Four big vaccine sites will remain open to everyone in Sonoma County, including the one at Grace Pavilion and the Roseland Library Clinic. 



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