Screen Shot 2020 08 13 at 5.46.00 PMSonoma County Sheriff Mark Essick requested $50,000 from the Board of Supervisors on Wednesday for legal services. Essick intended to explore the legality of a ballot measure aimed at strengthening oversight of his office. KRCB’s Adia White reports.  
Read more about the Board of Supervisors' discussion in the North Bay Bohemian article, "Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff's Association Mull Legal Action Over Ballot Measure."
Learn more about the Evelyn Cheatham Ordinance in this January interview with Attorney Jerry Threet and KRCB's Adia White. Threet is one of the authors of the ordinance and the former director of the Independent Office of Law Enforcement Review and Outreach.
(Image: Sheriff Mark Essick at the special meeting on August 12. Credit: County of Sonoma)  
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