Photos and text by Diane Askew
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On Saturday, June 20, about 200 people assembled at Doyle Park in Santa Rosa, for the start of a 24-hour protest against police brutality and in support of Black Lives Matter. After an open mic and several protest-related classes, the attendees were encouraged to move to Juilliard Park, located about a mile to the west.
As night fell, the protesters gathered and then marched silently and peacefully to Old Courthouse Square, one-half mile to the north. The darkness along the marchers' route was illuminated by the candles they carried; the silence punctuated by their occasional raised voice expressing anger and hope.
Along the way, there was an incident involving a vehicle and the marchers, a reminder of the confusion, anxiety, and fear many are experiencing. My images capture the range of the protesters' emotions and serve as a record of their resolve to address systemic injustices.
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