We provide daily coronavirus updates on KRCB radio 91. Tune in at 9 a.m. and 6:44 p.m. for the latest local news. Here's our update for Wednesday, March 6.

SundariMaseIn a victory for unions in California, Gov. Gavin Newsom Wednesday signed an executive order making it easier for essential workers to receive workmen’s compensation during the pandemic. If a worker is exposed to COVID-19 at work, and falls sick, they will be eligible for benefits without having to prove exactly how and when they were exposed.

According the Santa Rosa Press Democrat,“The change shifts the burden of proof that typically falls on workers and instead requires companies to prove employees didn’t get sick at work."

During yesterday’s Coronavirus Town Hall right here on KRCB, Sonoma County Health Officer Dr. Sundari Mase told host Adia White about increased testing. Although the rollout this week has been a little rocky, anyone in the county – symptoms or not – can sign up for a test. But not everyone can get to testing sites. Here's Mase:

Visit LHI.care/covidtesting or call 1-888-634-1123 to schedule an appointment for a coronavirus test.

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