IMG 2078Nearly 80 percent of Sonoma County high schools do not offer comprehensive, arts education. That’s according to an analysis by the Sonoma County Arts Alliance. The alliance is a partnership between the non-profit Creative Sonoma, the Sonoma County Office of Education, and several other arts educators. The alliance released its 2020 arts education framework in early December. KRCB’s Adia White tells us what that could mean for local students. 

In part two of this story,  KRCB’s Adia White tells us just how far Sonoma County lags behind our neighbors and what educators are doing about it.

Listen to Zoya Ahmed's reading of her poem, A Concerto of Spice. To read the Arts Education Framework, click here.

(Image Right: Students perform at the Creative Sonoma 2020 arts education framework launch. Credit: Adia White)



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