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sonoma county sealAll County of Sonoma offices will be open for business Monday, November 4, at 8 am.  To better serve residents directly impacted by the Kincade Fire, the County will open a Local Assistance Center (LAC) Monday through Wednesday, November 6, at the Healdsburg Community Center, 1557 Healdsburg Avenue. The hours will be from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. The LAC may remain open after Wednesday if needed.

While the County remains committed to assisting those residents directly affected by the Kincade Fire, the majority of county staff will transition back to normal operations.

During the emergency, the County continued to provide critical functions for residents, but many offices were closed until November 1, as efforts were focused on emergency response to the Kincade Fire.

County employees coordinated with emergency responders, assisted in the opening and operations of evacuation centers, transported people to areas outside of evacuation zones, placed barriers and signs at closed roads and intersections where traffic signals weren’t functioning, ensured that water and wastewater systems were operating, provided mental health services to stressed residents, and gave key information to the public regarding fire spread and location, evacuation areas and centers, health concerns and recovery efforts.

The Board of Supervisors, other elected officials, and many County staff are working on Kincade Fire recovery efforts, including offering assistance at the LAC to ensure residents are supported through this difficult time.

The following County of Sonoma services will be available at the LAC:

  • ● Kits with information and protective equipment to help residents return safely to their property.
  • ● Permit Sonoma will provide information to help property owners understand the permitting process for recovery and rebuilding.
  • ● Human Services Department will take applications for CalFresh food benefits and Medi-Cal insurance, and have staff from Adult and Aging Services as well as the Veterans Service Office.
  • ● Health Services Department will have representatives and information from Animal Services, Environmental Health, and HOPE Sonoma to provide mental health support and referral.
  • ● Community Development Commission will support housing needs.
  • ● Sonoma County Auditor-Controller-Treasurer-Tax Collector and Assessor’s Office for property tax and assessment information.
  • ● Clerk-Recorder will provide vital record replacement.
  • ● Economic Development Board to support local businesses.

State of California resources and community organizations will also be available at the LAC to provide support services.

Helpful links to County services:

Property valuations and support

Auditor-Controller-Treasurer-Tax Collector (ACTTC)
Property tax support

Vital record replacement (marriage license, birth/death certificate) for Sonoma County only

Community Development Commission (CDC)
Housing and homeless programs

Economic Development Board (EDB)
Assists local business with resources, training, consulting services

Department of Health Services
Environmental Health, Animal Services information

Human Services Department
Adult & Aging, CalFresh, CalWORKS, Job Link, Medi-Cal, Veterans Service Office

Permit Sonoma (PRMD)
Land use planning and development permits

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