• Emergency responders are performing safety assessments of burned areas to determine when evacuation orders will be lifted. The Sheriff has ordered all residents to remain out of mandatory emergency evacuation areas.
  • Looting and other crime will not be tolerated. Law enforcement will maintain a heavy presence in evacuated areas to assist people and protect property. Looters will be arrested. If you see looting in progress, please call 9-1-1.
  • Returning To Evacuated Areas:

    • Sonoma County is coordinating with Cal Fire to determine when it is safe to return home. While evacuation orders are in effect, areas are unsafe. Do not enter closed roads or attempt to return to your home before orders are lifted. Doing so may result in injury and require resources be pulled away from responding.

    Fire Updates:

    Missing People:

    • Register you’re safe or find people who have registered as safe on the American Red Cross site: https://safeandwell.org/
    • Call (707) 565-3856 to report a missing person. If you make a report and then locate them, please call the hotline again to report the person found.

    Power/Gas Outage Information:

    • PG&E is working to both restore power and gas where safe to do so and to de-activate power from some areas to assist with firefighting efforts. To see areas without power, visit https://m.pge.com/#outages
    •  If your gas meter is behind a locked gate and you're not home, inform PG&E at 1(800)743-5000.


    • Many healthcare agencies, including pharmacies, are operational in our county. In addition, during this emergency, pharmacies are authorized to refill prescriptions without renewed contact with your physician. In addition, for new health needs, we encourage people to contact their primary care provider.
    • Available pharmacies can be found here:http://sonomacounty.ca.gov/Public-Safety/News/Medication-Needs-During-This-Emergency/

    Air Quality:

    • Stay inside as much as possible to avoid breathing smoke particles.
    • Masks do not protect your lungs from smoke particles.

    Damage Assssments:

    • Officials have requested damage assessment teams to fully account for the number and types of damaged and destroyed structures. We anticipate this will take several days.
    • In the coming days, we will be providing additional information for residents who have lost their homes or businesses.

    Assistance Center:

    • Emergency response officials are working to create a one-stop local assistance center that will be able to help residents with a wide range of services when the immediate fire threat has passed. This center should be able to help with services like insurance claims, short-term lodging, clothing, animal services, and clean-up information.
    • Details on where or when the center will open is not yet available, but as soon as it’s known, it will be shared with the shelters and posted on the county website at sonomacounty.ca.gov.

    Transportation And Roads:

    • Please stay off the roads unless necessary, to allow access for public safety. If you need to drive, please proceed with caution. If you experience signal light outages, please proceed as a four-way stop.
    • Sonoma County Transit has not restored services. Visithttp://sctransit.com/ for updates.
    • Sonoma County Department of Transportation and Public Works Road Conditions website: http://roadconditions.sonoma-county.org/
    • California Highway Patrol website: https://www.chp.ca.gov/traffic


    • A number of local animal shelters are accepting small pets. Large animals can be taken to Santa Rosa Fairgrounds, Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds, and the Cloverdale Citrus Fair. If you need sheltering or supplies for your large animals, call Sonoma County Animal Services at (707) 565-7100.
    • Animal Services’ Facebook page is a resource for community members who have reported lost and found animals:facebook.com/SonomaCountyAnimalServices.

    Water Supply:

    • With the exception of the specific notices below, it is safe to drink and use tap water.
    • Boil Water notices were issued:
      • City of Santa Rosa, Fountain Grove neighborhood
      • City of Santa Rosa, White Oak neighborhood in Oakmont
      • Lawndale Mutual Water Company, Kenwood, 66 connections
    • Do Not Drink Water notices were issued:
      • California American Water, Larkfield
      • Kenwood Village Water Company, Kenwood

    Mental Health:

    • Counseling services are available at the larger shelters, including Sonoma-Marin fairgrounds in Petaluma, Santa Rosa vets building, Elsie Allen high school.


    • If you have been unable to work due to the fires, Sonoma County Job Link can answer questions about unemployment insurance:Sonomawib.org.

    Volunteer And Donate:

    • If you would like to volunteer with fire relief efforts, please contact the Sonoma County Volunteer Center at (707) 573-3399.
    • If you wish to make donations of food, the Redwood Empire Food Bank is accepting ready-to-eat, non-perishable foods for evacuation centers. These foods should be easy to open and easy to eat - many shelters do not have kitchens for heating and preparing food. Please do not bring glass containers. Deliver donated food to 3990 Brickway Blvd. between the hours 8am-8pm. They also need volunteers to help with food and are accepting financial donations as well. Sign up online athttp://refb.org/volunteer/.
    • For financial donations, the Redwood Credit Union has established a North Bay Relief Fund – 100 percent of donations go to fire victims. Go towww.redwoodcu.org/northbayfirerelief to donate.

    Where to Get Information

    County Of Sonoma:

    City of Santa Rosa:

    City of Santa Rosa Twitter: www.twitter.com/cityofsantarosa



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