coop puzzle What does it take to start a cooperative, worker-owned business? Answers will be offered at an all-day workshop in Santa Rosa on Saturday.

Andrew McLeodAndrew McLeodFor Andrew McLeod, the author of Holy Cooperation, Building Graceful Economies, and who now works as a co-op developer, it took just one early experience working as a cooperative member, and he was hooked.

The co-op model is also proving effective in small towns that come together to preserve key local businesses that might not otherwise endure, McLeod explains.

Coop coverA one-day workshop, "Owning the Economy! Cooperative Models and Worker-Ownership," will be held at the Share Exchange, 531 5th Street in downtown Santa Rosa, on Saturday, Jan. 26, 9am – 4 pm, led by Andrew McLeod. Advance tickets are available here. Further information at (707) 583-7667.


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