hungoverIt's New Years Eve this evening and revelers across the county and the Nation will be toasting the year the past and the year to come. Tomorrow many of those revelers will be nursing sore heads and upset stomachs… suffering from the universal, totally preventable condition: a hangover. KRCB’s Danielle Venton asks what can be done about it. (Image courtesy Flickr/SteveMcN)



hide-a-wayMichael Oshinsky, director of preclinical research at the Jefferson Headache Center in Philadelphia, says an increase in acetate levels leads to an accumulation of adenosine in the body, further complicating the effects of a hangover. Fortunately caffeine can help. Caffeine is similar in shape to adenosine and can block adenosine receptors, making us feel alert and headache free. Oshinsky explains: (Image courtesy Flickr/Happyshooter)


Read "Acetate Causes Alcohol Hangover Headache in Rats," by Michael Oshinsky, Christina Maxwell, Rebecca Spangenber, Jan Hoek and Stepen Silberstein, published in PLoS One.

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