earthYou may have heard dire predictions about the world ending after tomorrow. Popular movies and internet chatter have fueled worries ranging the reversal of gravity to the impact of rouge planets. KRCB’s Danielle Venton decided to see what’s behind the rumors and if anybody locally is not expecting to see Christmas. (Image Flickr user stef thomas.)


Rick at Machu PicchuRick Luttmann, professor of ethnomathematics (the study of math from indigenous cultures) at Sonoma State University has a lot of questions he'd pose to the ancient Mayans. (At Machu Picchu, courtesy Rick Luttmann.)


Maya stone calendar

The ancient Mayans were accomplished mathematicians and astronomers, able to forecast movements of the stars and planets far into the future. Misunderstandings about their cyclical calendar has fueled doomsday speculations. Learn more about their ancient culture and why their civilization may have declined. (Image Flickr user David Cesarino.)


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