Drone-WarefareWeaponized drones have become widely used by the US military in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other trouble spots. But there are some serious flaws with this highly secretive new tactical program.

MBMedea BenjaminUsing drones as agents of warfare serves to distance both the military and the American public from the consequences of their use, cautions Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin, even from the policy choices than enable their use.

police droneMost of the focus on drones to date has been on their use in foreign military operations. But Benjamin says the groundwork has been quietly put into place for the devices to be widely deployed within the United States as well.

Raven drone Drones now come in a wide range of sizes. The largest compare to a small airplane; these are the ones most able to carry a weapons payload. But Benjamin notes that the newest surveillance machines have become almost unimaginably tiny.

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