food wasteWasted food accounts for more of our garbage than anything except paper, and costs consumers considerably more. Little wonder that the Frugal Goddess is out to help people avoid it.

AsherAnnabel AscherWhen hard times hit, Annabel Ascher found all sorts of ways to stretch her available resources. When she realized that others didn't know they tactics she used, but could benefit from them, her online alter ego was born.

Frugality, says Ascher, is a form of mindfulness, something distinctly different from being "cheap."

waste pie chrtIn order to make those long-term plans and dreams happen, Ascher advises, a key tool is detailed short-term planning, especially around food purchasing.

Annabel Ascher, the Frugal Goddess, will host a "Stop Food Waste now" workshop at the at the Share Exchange, 531 Fifth Street  in downtown Santa  Rosa, at 7 pm on Monday, October 15.






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