Occupy AnniversaryOccupy Santa Rosa has gone through some changes since the movement first emerged a year ago, but despite a lowered public profile, they have definitely not gone away.

Patrick y TorresCarl Patrick and Jordan Torres In some ways, says Occupy Santa Rosa organizer Carl Patrick, the end of their City Hall encampment has enabled the group to work more intensively on local economic issues that directly affect workers in the city. One of them, which he terms "wage theft" will be the subject of a planned action later this month.

OccupyRFDMarchThis shift to more direct actions is more impactful for the local population than big public demonstrations, adds fellow OSR activist Jordan Torres.

City Hall tentsFrom the outset, Occupy Santa Rosa has had an uneasy relationship with local police, something that has receded but not disappeared since the group left the grounds of City Hall. Which is not surprising, Patrick says, as their respective roles are inherently at odds to some degree.

Occupy Santa Rosa's one year birthday celebration begins at Old Courthouse Square at 3 o'clock on Sunday afternoon. You can find out more 


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