depressionDepression can be debilitating, and is surprisingly common, especially among college students--two reasons why Santa Rosa Junior College will hold its annual depression screening tomorrow.

EpsteinDr. Bert EpsteinWith seven professionals standing by to administer the short screenings, hundreds of students will be able to participate, says Dr. Bert Epstein, Assistant Director of Student Health Services at Santa Rosa Junior College. And everyone who goes through the screening will leave with a list of available resources, regardless of what the screening tells them.

Depressed brainThese two scanned images show the distinct difference between a depressed brain, on the left, and one that is not experiencing depression on the right. Providing all these services is important for the student population at the Junior College, Dr. Epstein adds, because their need has been shown to be higher than other groups.

WetzelBrian Wetze

lBrian Wetzel, a professional public speaker and comedian from Santa Rosa has developed an entire presentation that explores the humor that he has been able to extract from his own lengthy experience with depression. In one bit, he imagines a special summer camp for depressed kids—and staff.





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