palastcoverVoter ID laws and registration hurdles are just two of the tactics being deployed to suppress voter turnout in presidential battleground states, charges investigative reporter Greg Palast. And others that have gotten less attention could have a bigger effect.

Greg-PalastAlthough he personally is thoroughly American, Greg Palast does most of his reporting for the BBC and the Guardian newspaper in Great Britain, where, he says, his exposès attract a great deal of attention, while they are generally ignored here at home.

Palast's previous book, Vulture's Picnic, digs deeply into the history of British Petroleum (BP) and the company's dubious  track record for safety. But that story, too, garnered scant attention in the US.

BallotsAn elusive but key figure in Palast's recent investigations is the man he calls "the Vulture," who turns up again in Billionaires & Ballot Bandits.

Greg Palast will talk about his reporting and his new book at an appearance at the Glaser Center in Santa Rosa on Tuesday evening, Sept. 25. The event is co-sponsored by and benefits KRCB.


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