Hog-Island1Rising ocean acidity makes growth difficult for shellfish. However in Tomales Bay, Terry Sawyer of Hog Island Oyster Company, has a plan. He's betting that he can adapt his business to the changing oceans so that his grandchildren will still be enjoying fresh local oysters on the half shell. In this, our second part of a two part series, we hear what researchers and business are doing locally to understand the problem of ocean acidification.

Hog-Island2Sawyer and researchers from the UC Davis Bodega Marine Lab have team up to monitor the bay's waters. They're measuring the natural pH fluctuations as well as creating a baseline that will help them track increasing ocean acidity. Tessa Hill says while regulators might have a few options in dealing with the problem locally, only one global solution exists.

Sawyer and Hill are involved with the developing California Current Acidification Network, a collaboration of scientists and people from the shellfish industry working on ocean acidification issues. (Images: Danielle Venton for KRCB)

Northern California
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