CorporationNotPeopleCorporations don't eat, breathe, sleep or die—nor even pay taxes in some cases, yet legally they enjoy many of the important Constitutional rights accorded to people. Some actual people are working to change that.

David Cobb-4Multinational corporations are the antithesis of local and sustainable, argues Move To Amend founder David Cobb. That's one reason the campaign to undo corporate personhood has been designed to start as locally as possible.

Uncle SamBy design, corporations are meant to function as simple-minded, amoral entities, adds Abraham Entin, director of the North Bay chapter of Move to Amend. That, too, is entirely at odds with appropriate human behavior.

Occupy Santa Rosa is hosting a "Corporations Are Not People" teach-in on Thursday, July 26, 7-9 pm, in Courthouse Square. David Cobb will be the featured speaker. Admission is free.





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