capitalismpapers-FINCapitalism is an economic system that worked just fine when resources were abundant, labor was cheap and markets were expanding. But none of those conditions are true any more.

Mander JerryJerry ManderThe constant expansionist demands of capitalism require an endless supply of resources, writes Marin County analyst Jerry Mander in his new book, The Capitalist Papers: Fatal Flaws of an Obsolete System. And that is simply no longer possible on this increasingly finite planet.

Time-IsCapitalismWorking 1980Sustainability has become a widely used term in recent years, and neatly summarizes the need to "live within our means," both locally and globally. But Mander argues that the capitalist economic system is inherently unable to do this.

Capitalism is also an intrinsically amoral system, Mander says, citing two high profile instances where individuals within huge corporate entities were unable to follow through on their own humane and ethical impulses because of the fiscal imperatives of the companies they served.

"Does Capitalism have a future?" is the title of a talk that Jerry Mander will give at the Sonma Community Center in Sonoma, at 7:30 pm on Monday, July 23.The event is hosted by the Praxis Peace Institute.




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