Bohemian Club EmblemAfter several years of quiet at the gates of Bohemian Grove, the annual encampment of the rich and powerful is getting renewed attention this weekend, with an infusion of new energy from the Occupy movement.

burningcare A rare, undated photo of the annual "Cremation of Care" ceremony that opens the summer encampment at Bohemian Grove When the Bohemian Grove Action Network began its 30-year series of actions outside the Bohemian Grove in 1980, the dominant political issue was nuclear disarmament. Thirty-two years later, explains Lois Pearlman, one of the organizers helping coordinate this year's Occupy Bohemian Grove event, they will feature speakers addressing a wide array of concerns, as shown in the flyer below.

Last week, several of the groups participating in the event, sent a letter to the president of the Bohemian Club, urging them to become more transparent about their speakers and other activities. Peter Phillips, president of the Media Freedom Foundation, was one of the signers of the letter, which also advised the club about the Occupy Bohemian Grove actions.




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