lungs cropFew things are more basic to our health than breathing. Yet how we breathe, unconsciously, can contribute to a wide range of physical problems. And the common root cause is usually stress.

dorisseDorisse NealeTaking a deep breath, warns Respiratory educator and Registered Nurse Dorisse Neale, is not a way to counter the ill effects of "overbreathing." In fact, it's just another symptom of the problem.

A former Sonoma County resident now based in Charlottesville VA,  Neale will present on "The Science of Breathing" at the Science Buzz Café at Sebastopol's Coffee Catz cafe on Thursday, Jyuly 12 at 6:30. She is also holding several clkasses and workshops in Northern California during the remaining summer months. Details on those sessions can be found here.










Northern California
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