crop rpt cover2011 was a pretty good year for most crops in Sonoma County, except for the biggest one—wine grapes.

Although wine grapes are far and away the largest  and mst visible single crop in Sonoma County, Sonoma County Agricultural commissoner Tony Linegar says he does not share the concerns of those who fear the county is moving to far toward a monocu;ture of vineyeards.

sonomavineyardsOne indication of the agricultural diversity of Sonoma County is the increasing number of small farms that offer a wide variety of vegetables and fruit. While they are very popular with local consumers, Linegar says they are will never challenge grapes, dairly or apples as a major economic factor within the ag sector of the county's economy.

The entire 2011 Sonoma County Crop Report can be downloaded here, along with prior years' reports for comparisons.



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