cropped bill of rightsCalifornia's "Homeowners Bill of Rights," passed by the legislature last Monday, offers some important protections against foreclosures.  But those measures are widely seen as only a first step toward addressing a still-growing problem.

CJ HolmesCJ HolmesIn addition to reining in some of the more egregious practicies of big banks and their loan servicing divisions, the new Homeowners Bill of Rights, gives property owners some meaningful tools to defend their homes from foreclosure. CJ Holmes, a Santa Rosa real estate broker and co-founder of Home Owners for Justice, says that right now, the only way homeowners can block foreclosure proceedings is by declaring bankruptcy. But when the new law takes effect, they can sue to protect themselves.

bsank ownedAnother provision in those bills offers protection to neighborhoods facing blight from concentrations of foreclosures.

State Senator Noreen Evans, an enthusiastic supporter of the homeowner protection bills, agrees that more and stronger measures are still needed.

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