art neuroScience is finding new evidence that humans can use their brains to rewire...their brains. And change unwanted habits and other behaviors in the process.

gendersResearchers are learning more about the subtle ways that thoughts and emotional states can affect brain function and personal behaviors. Doctoral candidate Linda Hartstrom was especially interested in a recent experiment in which two groups of college students were asked differing sets of questions, and then had their moods and outlooks assessed and measured.

wgli-logoEven at the level of neurobiology, says doctoral candidate Linda Hartstrom, there are some clear differences between men and women.

But hormonal differences may be even more significant.

Hartstrom's presentation on "The Neurobiology of Leadership" will be given at the University of San Francisco in downtown Santa Rosa on Friday June 29, from 9 am to noon. It  is the first in a series of three related workshops presented by the Sonoma-based Women's Global Leadership Initiative.

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