soundmapThe richness and diversity of the biological world is reflected in the multitude of sounds created by the creatures that inhabit it. But as their numbers and variety diminish, the Earth's natural soundtrack is growing quieter and duller.

BK FrzFrm5Bernie Krause has approached his decades of natural sound recording primarily as an archivist. Now he's pleased to see others finding new applications for employing these sorts of sounds.

Lincoln Meadow
It's hardly necessary to travel great distances to find compelling natural audio. Krause captured this morning birdsong chorus in the hills overlooking the Valley of the Moon.

Lincoln Meadow, north of Truckee (right), was the scene of the selective logging operation discussed in this report. It still looks like it did in this photograph from 1988, but now sounds very different, even many years after the timber harvest was completed.

Northern California
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