atom In our finite world, there is a direct connection between military spending and the international economic crisis. So cutting the one could boost the other.

GagnonBruce GagnonBruce Gagnon, a Maine-based author, analyst and activist, is currently touring the west coast to speak out against and lead discussions about the linkages between military spending and our economic woes. One reason President Obama is making such slow progress in dealing with budget problems, Gagnon says, is because the Commander in Chief is so deeply committed to advancing the Pentagon's agenda.

Jeju map1Opposition to the planned American naval base in Jeju Island has united the population there and from further away, but Gagnon observes that the forces behind the appear heedless of the damage it will cause.

It isn't necessary to carve deeply into the Defense Department's budget to find funds to significantly better the nation's overall economic picture, says Gagnon. Just ending the war in Afghanistan and reallocating those funds could make a huge difference.

Bruce Gagnon will speak in SRJC's Newman Auditorium at 7 pm on Thursday, April 12. Details below. He will also be featured at a pot luck dinner at the Peace and Justice Center on Friday evening, April 13. More information at (707) 575-8902. 





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