Hearing frontAt a Santa Rosa Town Hall Meeting with legislative representatives Thursday morning, a roomful of developmentally disabled adults spoke out against further state budget cuts to the services they rely on

Voting machineOne theme of the Town Hall meeting was urging those in attendance to register and vote. County election officials also set up and demonstrated one of the all-access voting machines they have acquired for use by voters with dsabilities.Voter registration remains open through May 21. The severity of the budget cuts being proposed for the current budget is misleading, suggests Martin Weil, who chairs the legislative committee of the State Council on Developmental Disabilities' Area Four Board. The spending reductions must be seen as part of a years-long pattern to fully appreciate their impacts.

PhillipsBob PhillipsMany of those present at the Town Hall meeting Thursday morning spoke with pride and concern about their supported employment jobs. Bob Phillips, the long-time Executive Director of the Area Four Board, explains that without state funding, many of those workers could lose their positions.

One of the prime budgetary targets within the disability services realm is In-Home Supportive Services. Some 430,000 people depend on that program so they can live at home or independently, explains Phillips.



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