RatnaLing MeditationHallPublishing thousands of sacred Buddhist texts is a worthy endeavor. But should it be considered—and regulated--as a constructive extension of the workers' religious practice, or a concentrated industrial operation at a rural retreat center?

press operationsCurtis Caton, an attorney speaking for Ratna Ling, contends that a limit on the number of books that can be produced at the printing facility there is an imprecise, and unclearly defined restriction. He explains that they see regulating truck traffic in and out of the remote retreat center as a better metric for governing the impacts of their operations on the surrounding area and its residents.

But Carolyne Singer, a steering committee member for Coastal Hills Rural Preservation, which opposes Ratna Ling's expansion plans, argues that the county should impose tighter constraints on the printing operation in several ways.

Coastal Hills Rural Preservation also questions numerous other aspects of the Ratna Ling master plan, as identified in the photo below. The project application will be reviewed by the Sonoma County Board of Zoning Adjustments at the 1 pm meeting on Thursday, April 5. It is the only item on the agenda.

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