Gaza Mom coverProlonged border crossings, meager water supplies, economic privation and endless worries of violence. These are among the complications that attend the daily business of raising children and sustaining family life in present day Gaza.

El-Haddad SqLaila El-HaddadLaila El-Haddad was already working for Al-Jazeera in Gaza when she began her "Gaza Mom" blog in 2004. Although it has since attracted a wide and international readership and formed the basis for her first book, she says it began as a modest diversion while traveling, and with only a very small audience in mind.

GAza foodFor her next book, El-Haddad is again planning to integrate the details of daily life with their larger politicized context within Palestine. But this time the focus will be on food.

Laila El-Haddad will be one of two speakers at the event, "Palestinian Survival—A Personal Perspective." That will be held at the Glaser Center in Santa Rosa on Sunday afternoon, March 18th, from 4-6:30 pm



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