ParksAlliance Logo_Clr-1024x713Four of the five state parks in Sonoma County that are facing closure at the end of June are making good progress toward remaining open in the hands of local groups instead, and there's hope for the fifth one as well. An update on the status of the threatened state parks in Sonoma County.

Sugarloaf signOut of the 70 state parks facing budget-driven closure at the end of the current fiscal year, all but 15 are in Monterey County or further north. Lauren Dixon is the Deputy Director of the Parks Alliance for Sonoma County  notes that many are in remote locations, with limited populations nearby, and few have mustered the kind of organized local support and advocacy that is being demonstrated in Sonoma County to persuade State Parks there is a viable alternative to shutting the parks' gates.

Petaluma adobeMoney, or the lack of it, is what is driving the threatened park closures. So it is fitting, Dixon says, that the efforts to keep the Petaluma Adobe open have likewise focused on finances.

The deadline for new deals to keep each park open is technically June 30, but Dixon points out that there are compelling reasons to get those agreements finalized as soon as possible.




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