War on sexGay marriage. Contraception. Extra-maritial affairs and divorce rates. They're all caught up in what one writer calls "America's war on sex."

Dr. Marty Klein, whose most recent book is America's War On Sex: The Attack on Law, Lust and Liberty, argues that the conservative bid to rein in sexual freedom is trying to countermand attitudes and behaviors that are already deeply embedded in modern American society.

The War on Sex has even become an issue in the 2012 presidential campaign, Klein observes, primarily through the ascendency of Rick Santorum in his bid for the Republican nomination.

KleinDr. Marty KleinEven though he, too, uses the term, Klein admits that calling this a "war" misrepresents the cultural conflict, inasmuch as only one "side" is actively fighting.

The outcomes of these ongoing cultural skirmishes reach far beyond the private behaviors of American citizens, Klein notes. When translated into foreign aid restrictions, they can also shape health policies of poor countries on the far side of the globe as they try to cope with population growth they cannot support or devastating epidemics of AIDS and HIV.

Dr. Marty Klein's talk, "How America's War On Sex Undermines Student Sexuality" will be offered at 7 pm on Monday, Feb, 27, in the Cooperage on the SSU campus. It's free and open to the public.

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