whistle-blower-orangeTwenty-first century America is an ominous environment for political whistle-blowers, says Daniel Ellsberg. That's why they are so badly needed now.

pentagon-papersIt wasn't easy to confront the full power of the federal government in 1971, when Daniel Ellsberg gave copies of the Top Secret State Department history of the Viet Nam War to the New York Times and other newspapers. And it may be even more intimidating today. Even so, Ellsberg says, there is still an acute need for brave individuals with vital knowledge of government malfeasance to step forward and share what they know.

daniel-ellsberg-4346It was Henry Kissinger who branded Ellsberg as a danger to the Nixon administration. And he had good reason for those fears, according to the man responsible for them.

Daniel Ellsberg will host a showing of the film about him, The Most Dangerous Man in America, Friday night at the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center. He'll also speak to a small dinner gathering  at the French Garden on Sunday.. Get details on both events here.

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