Groupofkidsonlawn476x290To raise "socially resilient" children, says a consultant and trainer, parents should simplify their lives, decrease clutter and increase predictability, and create more space for imagination to flourish.

kjp-portraitKim John PayneThe increasing emphasis on testing in all levels of public schools may satisfy some political pressures, says educator, author and consultant Kim John Payne. But it's hurting the kids involved.

simplicity coverPayne is no fan of highly structured "play dates," but he is a strong advocate for creating opportunities for kids to find or invent their own ways to play and interact with each other.

Kim John Payne will talk about "How Parents Can Raise A Socially Resilient Child," Wednesday night. Jan 25 at 7 pm in Sophia Hall at the Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm in Santa Rosa.


Northern California
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