battery recyclingWe all use lead-based batteries daily, if not directly in our cars (including hybrids), then indirectly  in cell phone towers, computer servers, or trucks and fork lifts. But what happens to them when the charge is gone has become a source of concern south of the border.

 orglogoPerry Gottesfeld, Executive Director of Occupational Knowledge International, says his organization is primarily concerned with workplace health and environmental issues in developing economies.

The industry has long known how to safely recycle lead batteries, says Gottesfeld, but doing so comes with a cost.

BATTERIESD20120812And the standards for environmentally safe battery recycling in the United States have recently been made more stringent.

ok-international-calls-for-halt-used-car-battery-exports-to.1-lgHazardous battery recycling on the streets of New Delhi. A child disassembles a spent truck battery on the sidewalk to sell lead to unregistered recycling units. Photo by Perry Gottesfeld, Occupational Knowledge International.




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