fermi-telescopeA serious scientist with a sense of humor, Lynn Cominsky has studied the far reaches of the galaxies, and now explains what's found there to students of all ages.

cominsky 200When explaining these astrophysical concepts and phenomena to students, says Dr. Lynn Cominsky, Chair of the Physics and Astronomy Department at Sonoma Sate, simple illustrations can be an effective tool. For younger students, she prefers illustrations with food items.

black-hole-4Although the Fermi satellite readily detects antimatter particles in space, they are random and short-lived. That's one reason, Cominsky says, that it's actually easier to study antimatter here on Earth.

Dr. Cominsky will be the featured speaker this evening at a special Science Buzz Cafe presentation hosted by the Children's Museum of Sonoma County, located next to the Charles M. Schulz Museum at 1835 W. Steele Lane in northwest Santa Rosa.









Antimatter lightning

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