clouodybayClimate change globally begets climate change locally. What will that mean for the San Francisco Bay region? By the end of the century, a new study predicts, things will be either bad... or worse.

Another variable in the waters of the bay and delta is how much sediment is carried downstream. US Geological Survey Marine Research Ecologist Jim Cloern says that's something that has been decreasing in recent years, and will continue to do so as climate change advances. And this indicator, too, portends some significant changes in the bay's ecology.

CloernJim CloernTo prepare their forecasts reaching out to the year 2099, Cloern and his colleagues had to develop detailed predictions of weather patterns across northern California on a day-by-day basis, for the next 88 years. Now they are ready to share that data with other researchers.

Clorn's full report has been published as  "Projected Evolution of California's San Francisco Bay-Delta-River System in a Century of Climate Change.” Read it online here.

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