Black Tide

The devastating impacts of the Gulf Oil Spill live on in coastal Texas and Louisiana, says writer and industry critic Antonia Juhasz, and they will continue to do so for decades.



Few of us ever come into contact with crude oil, which Juhasz points out is a much different substance than the 30 weight we might add to an automobile's crankcase.


The final report on the BP oil disaster, released earlier this month by the US Marine Safety Board, was a sweeping indictment of the company's performance, Juhasz says, and was equally critical of the other parties involved.

Consideration of the negative environmental and social impacts of petroleum should not be confined to the material itself, Juhasz argues. The BP blowout makes it clear that extracting, delivering and refining oil is also a big part of that problematic equation.

 Antonia Juhasz will talk about oil-related issues in the gulf coast and Afghanistan at the Community Church of Sebastopol, Tuesday evening, Oct. 18. The event begins  at 7 pm.





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