50 yearsFrom two stark concrete classrooms surrounded by muddy fields, to a lush 269 acre campus with a mounting reputation for academic rigor, Sonoma State University has had a transformative first 50 years.


Through most of it's history, the psychology department at SSU has been one of the university's largest and strongest. Former professor John Palmer attributes that, in part, to its emphasis on Humanistic Psychology.

1-60s Ambrose-Nichols-and-Dorothy-OverlyThe creation of a university campus in the North Bay was a strong move to fill an apparent and growing need back in the early 1960s, says Palmer, and the school's development over the past five decades has affirmed the wisdom of that decision.



To kick off the 50th anniversary observances at Sonoma State, the entire faculty and student body was invited to form this large human 50 on a campus field last week.


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