ticksThe deer ticks that carry Lyme Disease are small, sometimes so tiny their bites go completely undetected.Lyme Disease is an elusive bacterial infection that is afflicting a growing number of patients, but inconsistent symptoms make it tricky to diagnose, much less treat.

eric_gordonDr. Eric GordonSonoma and Mendocino counties are known hotbeds of Lyme disease, but the exact number of infected individuals is hard to pin down, says Santa Rosa's Dr. Eric Gordon, in part because it is difficult to test for the illness.

Phyllis Mervine of Ukiah is the president of the California Lyme Disease Association, which, she explains, has four main goals.

Lyme_rashAn example of the target-like Lyme rashBecause of prosecutions by medical boards and resistance from insurers, Mervine says doctors have little incentive to want to engage with Lyme Disease patients who may require years of treatment.

Can Lyme Disease be cured? Dr. Gordon says that remains an open question.

On Monday, July 11 at 9 pm, KRCB television will broadcast Under Our Skin, an hour-long documentary about the disease (see the trailer below). And we will also host an online dialog about Lyme disease, at NorthBayVoice.

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