onlinejournalismThe world of online dialog is sometimes characterized as a digital version of the "wild west," where just about anything goes. That's an exaggeration, says a San Francisco media attorney, but the law is struggling to keep up with behavioral developments within the worldwide web.

Frankel_Simon_70306Attempting to update legislation that applies to online activities requires aiming at a moving target, says Simon Frankel, a partner at Covington & Burlington LLP in San Francisco. And that's just one of the issues facing those efforts.

mlrc_logoSimon Frankel will be the featured speaker Tuesday evening, June 8 at 7 pm at Book Passage in Corte Madera. His presentation, Online News: Redefining Journalism, is part of the First Amendment Speaker's Bureau series presented by the Media Law Resource Center. He offers this preview of what it will cover.

26medium-600.jpg_1Frankel will also discuss the emerging conflicts between individuals privacy concerns and online advertising practices, the fiscal mechanisms that are being developing to actually pay for journalism that isn't published in print.


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