20070420-RedCrossLogo-1The local chapter of the Red Cross holds its 8th annual Real Heroes breakfast and fundraiser on Wednesday morning, at which ten North Bay citizens will be recognized for their contributions to their community and the world. Today's report profiles one of them.

board_batzdorffJohn BatzdorffJust two months after the earthquake rocked Haiti in January 2010, Jon Batzdorff and his ProsthetiKa non-profit were starting work on the self-contained prosthetic laboratory they would send to the island nation. As it turned out, he explains, it took longer to deliver than it did to build.

labinsideThere may be other transportable prosthetic labs somewhere in the world, but Batzdorf didn't go looking for examples to emulate. He simply set out to adapt his own workspace.The result can be seen in the photo on the right.

Modern prosthetic technology has become quite sophsticated, and his work in California often employs these complex mechanisms. But for patients in Haiti, explains Batzdorff, a simpler approach was needed.

HaitirecipientsIn addition to providing a needed medical service in the wake of a major natural disaster, Batzdorff and ProsthetiKa are thinking long-term, determined to create a resource that will continue to serve Haiti for many years to come.

This photo shows a group of the first patients who were assisted by the ProsthetiKa lab in Haiti, with Batzdorff (second from the left) and other staff members standing in the back row.



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