Coshnear_Rally Rick CoshnearWith US immigration policy a confusing and unworkable mess, Sonoma County's participation in its punitive practices should be kept to a minimum, argues one local activist. So he's putting his own health on the line to make his point.

cardoorIs a two week hunger strike long enough to be effective? Santa Rosa Immigration lawyer Rick Coshnear admits he may have to find out, if he has to cut it short to uphold his commitment to his professional caseload.

jail-cell-2From Arlington Virginia to Taos New Mexico, says Coshnear, a few concerned communities have tried to stand up to the ICE demands for immigration holds. Here in northern California, San Francisco and Santa Clara are in the forefront of those efforts, and last year the latter city won a significant, if little publicized admission from the federal agency.

His hunger strike has political and professional motivations, Coshnear explains, but it was also a serious personal response to prolonged and mounting frustrations around the immigration enforcement issue locally.

Northern California
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