japan_blast--300x300Regardless of the global public health impacts from the damaged nuclear reactors in Japan, the disaster can be expected to cast a dark cloud over the future of that power source elsewhere.

sascha_portraitDr. Sascha von MeierThe reactors at the Fukushima nuclear power plant incorporated all modern safety standards in their design,which still wasn't enough to protect them from the double disaster of the earthquake and tsunami. But SSU professor Sascha von Meier says their salvation lay in an extra bit of self-sufficiency.

containment_diagramSome portion of the fuel rods within the disabled reactors has already melted, although the precise amount is not clear. Professor von Meier says that's secondary to ensuring that whatever amount does melt down remains sealed within the containment chambers.

three-mile-island-nuclear-reactor-accidentThe only nuclear power facility meltdown to occur on US soil was at the Three-Mile Island nuclear reactor in Pennsylvania.

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