north_bay_labor_councilThe showdown over collective bargaining for public employees in Wisconsin will have far-reaching effects for other states, including California. So local labor groups are weighing in on the issue from afar.

Stand-with-Wisconsin-WorkersAs the standoff in Wisconsin continues, observes Lisa Maldonado of the North Bay Labor Council, a growing number of people are coming to recognize the role and agenda of the corporate special interests who are backing the efforts to curtail union rights.

Private sector workers who object to the pensions and other benefits that public employees have negotiated are asking the wrong question, Maldonado says.


It's not coincidental that all the states where the anti-union efforts are most active have Republican governors. That's one big reason that Marty Bennett, co-chair of the Living Wage Coalition of Sonoma County, doesn't think it will gain traction in California.


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