HotcoverThe key question now about climate change: What will the planet be like in 50 years, if warming can be stopped that soon?

We're long past the point where those who question global climate change can be called skeptics, contends writer and reporter Mark Hertsgaard. His term for them is climate cranks, and he set out to confront a few of them on Capital Hill this week. Some of those encounters were documented in the video below. He has als posted his list of America's Top 5 Climate Cranks.

Hertsgaard has no illusions that such confrontations will change the minds of any of the participants. But he does hope to alter the tenor of the conversations about the climate  change issue to ensure it is given more serious consdieration.

In his new book, Hot, Hertsgaard looks beyond the political aspects of the climate change issue to try and imagine what the consequences will look like half a century from now, and how humankind will be coping with them.

hertsgaardmarkMark Hertsgaard with daughter KiaraTaking a long-term perspective on climate chante is essential, Hertsggaard argues, because even a best case scenario isn't likely to slow global warming to a point of stabilization for another 50 years.

Mark Hertsgaard will talk about Hot at Book Passages in Corte Madera on Friday, Feb. 18 at 7 pm.

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