SubtidalGoals_Cover-229x300Most of San Francisco Bay is surprisingly shallow, a habitat that is home to a great diversity of undersea life—at least in those areas where the native ecosystems are healthy. A new report, prepared by the Coastal Conservancy, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminstration and other partenrs,  has mapped those areas, and identified others as good candidates for restoration projects.

eelgrass3EelgrassEven if most of the inner portions of San Francisco Bay are relatively shallow, mapping the Bay's full perimeter included a considerable variety or underwater terrain, explains NOAA's Natalie Cosentino-Manning. The deep and rocky entrace to the Bay is markedly different from the inner expanses where the subtidal zones predominate.


The mapping project found a good concentration of healthy eelgrass and oyster beds along the eastern shoreline of Marin County, adds Cosentino-Manning, as well as numerous additional areas that are good candidates for restoration work.




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